Morgan Aero Sports Car

Morgan Aero Sports Car

Specs Mentioned:

Make/ Model – Morgan Aero Sports Car (1928)
Engine – 1095cc, V2, naturally aspirated petrol
Power – 40bhp
Top speed – 75mph


Morgan, the most successful manufacturer of cyclecars, introduced its sporty new Aero model in 1920. For the first four years of production, it was built only to special order. The Aero was continually improved and by 1927 was available with a choice of the engine from Anzani, Blackburne or JAP as seen on this car. It was a popular choice for racing and trialing.
HFS Morgan started the Morgan Motor Company in 1910. Morgan three-wheelers sold well, production reaching over 1,000 a year by the outbreak of war in 1914. They were successful both on the track and as an affordable runabout. The advent of cheap family cars like the Austin Seven and inexpensive sporting cars such as MGs led to a decline in three-wheeler sales by the 1930s. The first four-wheel Morgan, the 4/4, was introduced in 1936 and remains in production today.