Vintage & Classic Car Collection

Ceylon, ‘the pearl of the Indian ocean’ has had numerous wonderful and exotic automobiles imported into the island during the first half of the twentieth century; unfortunately, many have since left its shores. In the early seventies, the government of Sri Lanka realized of its rich automotive heritage and brought in legislation prohibiting the export of these automobiles under the Antiquities Act. Of the handful that remains in the country, some lie derelict, and it is hoped that this publication will serve as a source of inspiration for their restoration. 

Our vintage & classic car collection of over 70 automobiles illustrates the evolution of cars that presents an artful perspective tracing the major role that the automobile has played relative to history, culture, industry, and innovation. Take a look at our diverse collection of automobiles from many different eras.

“…we could identify cars by the sound of each engine alone!”
Asgi Akbarally

A peek into the Akbarally private collection of cars ranging from midcentury automotive legends to future classics of the early 1990’s. Vintage cars are significantly appraised for their exclusivity in the experience, style and unparalleled charm, all of which are universal and timeless. Asgi Akbarally & Hatim Akbarally are passionate automotive enthusiasts sharing their timeless collection of nostalgia. Their love for cars and motoring traces back to their fond childhood memories of an unforgettable era making them the petrol head that they are today.

“Even though modern cars are faster, safer, more reliable,
extremely fuel efficient and emit fewer pollutants, they lack the soul and character that the classic and vintage cars provide. Fuel blocks, fouled plugs and the occasional thallu (push) start provide vintage car buffs with the involvement, excitement and adrenaline rush those newer cars fail to deliver.” 

– Asgi Akbarally