Where it all began

A love for cars was in the Akbarally blood. The passionate journey of vintage and classic car collection started with Late Deshamanya Sheikh Abbas Akbarally who bought the cherished family MG Magnette 1959 and sold it a decade later when he established his own business. The car was treasured so much that he insisted his wife should keep her fingernails well-trimmed, so as not to scratch the woodwork. 

The vintage car collection is housed in the Akbarally private ‘Sunny South’ bungalow situated in Bolgoda, down south of Sri lanka. A glorious setting for such a fine assortment of vehicles creating a pleasant hideaway from the bustle of the streets. 

“I earned my pocket money by repairing classic & vintage cars, often using our living room as a workshop!”

– Asgi Akbarally

Asgi Akbarally is an avid petrol head since the age of five. His passion for anything with an engine was fueled by his father, Late Abbas Akbarally, who spent countless hours with his MG Magnette while Asgi was growing up. Whilst reading for his degree in engineering, he earned his pocket money by repairing classic & vintage cars, often using his living room as a workshop!

Upon his return to Sri Lanka, he entered the fast paced world of motor sport, winning many events and setting records. He has been collecting and restoring cars since 1988, and owns many classic cars and motorcycles. He has served as the president of the Ceylon Motor Sports Club and the Mercedes Benz Club of Sri Lanka, Vice president of the Classic Car Club Ceylon, is a member of numerous specialized vehicle Clubs in the country.