Austin Healy 3000

Austin Healy 3000

Specs Mentioned:

Make/ Model – Austin Healy 3000 MK III (1967)
Engine – 2912cc, in-line 6-cylinder with twin SU 2” HD8 Carburetors
Power – 148bhp @ 4750rpm
Torque – 165 ft/lb, @ 3000 rpm
Top speed – 128mph


It was 1959 when the original 3000 launched onto the roads with a promise to put Austin-Healy on the map, and it did not fail to do so.

The 3000 was named for its 2,912-cc, cast-iron, OHV straight-six, a bored-out version of the engine that had powered the 100-Six. Known as the BMC C-Series, this engine had been designed for motivating BMC’s big sedans, like the Austin Westminster A99, the Wolseley 6/99 and the Vanden Plas Princess 3-Litre. With a 10 percent increase in displacement over the 100-Six and a bump in compression ratio to 9:1, this understressed, four-main-bearing six was rated at 124 hp and 167-lb.ft. of torque. As with its predecessor, induction was through a pair of SU HD6 carburetors.

Created over 50 years ago BMC certainly saved the best ‘til last with its 3000 design. Timeless, spacious, and good looking, this classic car, once described as a ‘handsome brute’, can reach speeds of up to 121mph with its powerful 6-cylinder engine – perfect for a smooth cruise to somewhere or nowhere in particular.