Specs Mentioned:

Make/ Model – Citroen 2CV6 (1990)

Engine – naturally-aspirated – 2 cylinder engine, Petrol motor

Power – 29bhp @ 5750rpm

Torque – 28lb/ft @ 3500 rpm

Top speed – 71 mph

0-60mph – 33 seconds


The car that everyone knows and for which people worldwide have a nickname. In the Netherlands the 2CV has the nickname “Eend”, in Belgium “Geitje”, in France “La Deuche” and in England “Tin Snail”. This Citroen 2CV6 was built in 1990, the last year that Citroen built these cars. The paintwork in the color Rouge Vallelunga is in good condition, as well as the matching red roll roof and the comfortable gray interior. The 602cc engine runs very nicely and ensures that you can make beautiful tours with this classic Citroën. You immediately imagine yourself in La Douce France when you take place in this car.
The 2CV arrived when France was pulling itself back together following World War II, when it desperately needed a car to help put the nation back on the road to prosperity. Because much of France’s working class at the time relied on agriculture for their livelihoods, the 2CV was built to traverse the type of uneven terrain found in the country’s rural farming communities. It also needed to be practical enough to haul goods to and from the market and fit a small family. Most of all, it had to be reliable and inexpensive.
In France — and throughout Europe and across the globe — the 2CV became an automotive icon, selling nearly 4 million examples over its lengthy, 52-year production run.