Buick Super 8

Buick Super 8

Specs Mentioned:

Make/ Model – Buick Super 8 (1953)

Engine – 4315cc In-line 8-cylinders

Power – 124 bhp

Torque – 215 ft/lb, @ 2000 rpm

Top speed – 83mph

0-60mph – 16.6 secs


Inventor David Dunbar Buick saw his first motor car around the turn of the century and remained obsessed with cars all his life. Over 17,000,000 cars bearing the Buick name and Crest have rolled off production lines. Buick built his first engine in 1901 and followed in with an overhead value version in 1902 with a better engine. By 1903 there was a demand for cars and the Buick Motor Company started production.
Buicks of the 1950-1953 period have become American icons in the tradition of Coca-Cola machines, Route 66 signs, and Standard Crown gas pump globes. No other car symbolizes postwar promise and prosperity like the bulbous, toothy Buick. The ubiquitous Buick offered a model for every buyer in most every price class. In the days when the buck stopped with Harry Truman, and well into the Eisenhower years, Buick absolutely dominated the American automobile scene above the Chevy-Ford-Plymouth trio. GM’s Flint, Michigan, division did it with a combination of bold styling, innovative marketing, and a dealer organization second to none.

The Buick Super is a full-sized automobile produced by Buick from 1940 through the 1958 model years. The first generation shared the longer wheelbase with the top level Roadmaster while offering the smaller displacement engine from the Buick Special. The Super prioritized passenger comfort over engine performance and was replaced by the Riviera in 1963. For several years, it was called the “Buick Eight” or “Super Eight” due to the engravement on the grille while all Buick’s since 1931 were all installed with the Buick Straight-8 engine with varying engine displacement.