BSA A7 Sidecar Rig

BSA A7 Sidecar Rig

Specs Mentioned

Make/ Model – BSA A7 Sidecar Rig – 1948
Engine – 495cc OHV air-cooled parallel twin
Power – 26hp @ 6,000rpm


Wayne Dowler became resourceful and added a sidecar rig to his 1948 BSA A7 when his family expanded, instead of giving up the motorcycle life completely. His 1948 BSA A7 and BSA sidecar outfit is a perfect example of family transportation of the day. Wayne’s sidecar is powered by BSA’s first parallel twin. Built from 1946-1950, the 495cc twin bears witness to several of Britain’s best motorcycle engineers. Valentine Page is credited with the basic layout and had almost completed the design in 1939 before hostilities interrupted civilian bike development. Edward Turner of Triumph fame also worked on the A7 project while he was at BSA in the early 1940s, before BSA’s Herbert Perkins completed the detail work under Bert Hopwood’s supervision.