BMW R 65

BMW R 65

Specs Mentioned

Make/ Model – BMW R 65 1978
Engine – Two-Cylinder Box – Four-Stroke
Power – 45hp @ 7250 RPM
Top speed – 110mph


The BMW R65 was a light touring motorcycle introduced by BMW in 1978 to add a mid-size motorcycle to its product line. The original R65, contrary to the views of some commentators has the same sized frame as the larger R series motorcycles, the R65 does however have a shorter swingarm than its siblings and therefore a shorter bolt-on rear sub-frame, this along with the shorter front forks and 18″ front wheel gives the illusion that the R65 frame is smaller. The initial “model’ R65 was manufactured until 1984. In 1985 the R65’s engine was put into the same frame and suspension as the R80 which featured a single rear shock absorber (mono-shock).[1] Additionally, between 1981 and 1984 the R65LS was manufactured. This R65 variant had a small triangular fairing that was designed by Hans Muth.