Triumph Spitfire

Triumph Spitfire

Specs Mentioned:

Make/ Model – Triumph Spitfire Mark III (1968)

Engine – 1296cc, In-line 4-cylinder, twin SU Carburettors

Power – 75bhp / 71ft/lbs

Top speed – 95 mph

0-60mph – 14.5 seconds


The paradoxical thing about the Triumph Spitfire is that it didn’t spit fire. This sports car was launched in 1962 and had a diminutive four-cylinder engine, no machine guns, and only spat fire if the engine was so out of tune that it caused a backfire in the exhaust. It was however much less expensive to buy, a lot cheaper to run, and it was enormous fun.

The Mark 3 was introduced in 1967 as a major upgrade due to significant competition from its Austin-Healey and MG Midget Rivals. The dashboard was done in wood veneer to bring the look of the interior upmarket. The engine of the Spitfire was increased in capacity to 1,296cc which was the same as on the Triumph Herald 13/60 and 1300 models.

The Triumph Spitfire Mark III was fast, comfortable, and convenient at the time. 65,320 of them were sold in three years and the 100,000th Spitfire was built in 1968.