Riley Drophead Coupe

Riley Drophead Coupe

Specs Mentioned:

Make/ Model – Riley Drophead Coupe RM Series (1951)

Engine – 2433cc, in-line 4-cylinder, twin SU carburettors

Power – 100hp

Top speed –100 mph

0-30mph – 11 seconds


Riley became part of the Morris-MG-Wolseley Nuffield Organization in 1938. The RM was announced in 1945 and would continue to preserve the Riley character with a technically advanced chassis and with coach-built choices of sporting designs. Riley’s engine featured hemispherical combustion chambers and twin camshafts operating included valves through short pushrods. The Rile RM-series cars are often called ‘the last of the real Rileys’, were among the first to wear new British designs after World War II. Only 502 cars were produced.

The featured car was imported into Ceylon by Edgar Boustead of Boustead and co. Noted owners throughout this car’s history include Cedric de Soyza, who had raced the car in Katukurunda and modified the exhaust for a distinct ‘growl’, along with Messers Ajith Chitty, Jith Wanigaseakara and C.I. Gunasekara.