Renault 4

Renault 4

Specs Mentioned:

Make/ Model – Renault 4 (1978)

Engine – 845cc, 8 valve OHV 14

Power – 30bhp & 4500rpm 

Torque – 41 lb/ft @ 2000rpm

Top speed – 70mph


La Renault 4 was the fruit of a concept. In 1956, Pierre Dreyfus, then president of the Régie Nationale des Usines Renault, launched the notion of a “blue jeans” car. Like the now-familiar article of clothing which is worn the world over, he wanted to produce a versatile, inexpensive car with a worldwide calling which could match the changes in society that were being observed as the 1960s approached. Following a five-year incubation period, the Renault 4, the make’s first front-wheel drive passenger car, was unveiled to the press before going on display at the 1961 Paris Motor Show. 

A van and three saloon versions were launched simultaneously: the R3, which was dropped from the catalogue the following year, the R4 and the R4L (the “L” standing for luxury), soon to become the household name for a model that lost no time in finding a place in the French public’s hearts.

Renault 4 sales reach the five-million mark (all versions and body types included). Renault becomes Europe’s biggest car manufacturer.