Morris Cowley

Morris Cowley

Specs Mentioned:

Make/ Model – Morris Cowley ‘Snubnose’ commercial (1952)

Engine – 1400 cc


The Morris ‘Snubnose’ was a commercial version of the current Cowley from 1924-29. The radiator badge says ‘MORRIS LIGHT VAN’. It was known as ‘snubnose’ because of the different radiators. Instead of ‘Cowley’ or ‘Oxford’, the badge ‘light van’ went on to the radiator. From the mid-1950s, Morris Commercials were often the same as Austin products, apart from the badges and the grilles. During the 1960s, some products were re-badged ‘BMC’ and later as ‘Leylands’.

Originally using the Cowley 1548cc, 11.9hp engine, they were given the 1802cc 19.9p engine in 1931.