Specs Mentioned:

Make/ Model – MG TC (1948)

Engine – 1250cc, straight 4-cylinder 

Power – 54bhp @ 5200rpm

Top speed – 78mph

0-60mph – 22.7 seconds


The TC Midget was the first postwar MG launched in 1945.During its four year production run, lasting from 1945 through 1949, more than 10,000 TC’s were created.

The stunning outward appearance with its folding windshield, cutaway doors, swept front and rear fenders, and a rear-mounted spare wheel, it differed under the skin, with a wider cockpit and improved suspension. It also has a hidden surprise – under the hood lies a period hot-rod engine, complete with a Coventry-built Shorrock supercharger. (A Shorrock supercharger was fitted to an MG for a speed record in Germany in 1939, the first car in the world to exceed 200 mph!)

Of the 10,000 TCs built, about 2000 were exported to the USA; all were right hand drive. The TC is often credited with starting the sports car craze of the 1950s in the US. 

The featured car was brought in brand new in 1948. When purchased, only a chassis body, gear box and differential were available, with the engine. Dashboard and other vital components were missing. The car was meticulously restored with spare parts imported from the UK. It is one of the very few TCs remaining in the country.