Specs Mentioned:

Make/ Model – MG B (1973)

Engine – Standard 1789cc, in-line 4-cylinder bored out to 2000cc

Power – 95bhp @ 5600rpm

Top speed – 106mph

0-60mph – 11 seconds


The MGB was greeted with great excitement in 1962.  It was the latest in a long line of sports cars from the British maker that had come to define the very essence of what a sports car should be, but the B also caused a sensation because it was such a shift from MG tradition.

The classic British sports car was built with rugged mechanics and powered by the un-burstable, all-iron BMC B-Series, 1800cc engine, the MGB was of lightweight monocoque construction and incorporated crumple zones designed to protect the occupants.

The B was MG’s first unitary construction car, resulting in a much stiffer vehicle with more predictable and precise handling.  It was also pretty, with long nose and stubby tail proportions, and clean, uncluttered lines.It was a long-stroke unit with pushrod-actuated overhead valves and twin SU carburettors.

The featured car was originally brought to Sri lanka from the UK in 1976 by Eddie Podger. It was bought in 2003and restored to its original condition. The car was handed over along with a hand-written two-page letter by Mr. Podger detailing the history of the MG B and how to care for his beloved car.