MG A (White)

MG A (White)

Specs Mentioned:

Make/ Model – MG A (1956)

Engine – 1498cc, Straight-4-cylinder 

Power – 72hp @ 5500rpm

Top speed – 98mph

0-60mph – 16.0 seconds


The MGA was first shown to the world in September 1955 at the Frankfurt Motor Show and was arguably one of the prettiest British Sports cars ever built. It was recognized for its attractive streamlined body and the design was based on George Phillips’ Le Mans car, and both vehicles were designed by MG designer Syd Enever.

The production MGA became BMC’s biggest success story, as more than 100,000 MGAs were made until 1962, the vast majority of which was exported. The MGA proved extremely popular, safe and fun, with a high door-line that made it feel comfier than many rivals. A lively performer with a throaty roar, it boasted precise rack steering and the car’s 116mph top speed showed its aerodynamic advantages.

The red 1958 model featured here, was once owned by Sarath Siritunga, a tea broker and consultant.