Mercedes 220S ‘Ponton’

Mercedes 220S ‘Ponton’

Specs Mentioned:

Make/ Model – Mercedes 220S ‘Ponton’  – (1956)

Engine – 2195cc, in-line 6-cylinder, single overhead camshaft

Power – 99hp @ 4800 rpm 

Torque – 119 ft/lb, @ 3500 rpm 

Top speed – 99mph


Built in 1956, the Mercedes-Benz 220S (or Super) Sedan debuted at the Frankfurt Auto Show and was first offered as a four-door sedan, followed by a convertible shortly thereafter, and a hardtop by 1957. The six-cylinder engine was in essence the same powering the 219, but with added horsepower. It had an aluminum head, overhead camshaft, and Bosch mechanical fuel injection. The 220S was produced in limited numbers beginning in the mid-1950’s and continuing until October of 1959. A total of 3,429 examples were produced with 2178 being convertibles.

The 220s gained the ‘Ponton’ nickname for its modern pontoon-shaped enveloped body which did away with the distinct side mounted running boards and separate wheel fenders of its predecessor W187 and other cars of the era.

The featured car was imported brand new to the island in 1956.