Lambretta Vega Innocenti (Lui)

Lambretta Vega Innocenti (Lui)

Specs Mentioned:

Make/ Model – Lambretta Vega Innocenti (Lui)

Engine – 74.4cc, two stroke

Power – 5hp @ 4300

Top speed – 25 mph


The Lui (also called Vega in some export markets) was designed to secure the market share in the 50cc class. To keep the production cost down, the scooter’s equipment was reduced to the necessary minimum. In order to avoid a cheap appearance, Nuccio Bertone, a renowned vehicle designer was given the task of creating a suitable livery for the lightweight model. Indeed, his design for Lui and Vega was a futuristic masterpiece which looks just as up-to-date today as in 1968, when the slogan “All for Lui and Lui for all” was created.

The frame consists of a front and a rear piece. While the front is made from conventional tubular steel, the rear is a pressed steel item. The suspension was adapted from the J-range, while the brake drums were made entirely from steel. Most of the mechanical system was taken over from the J.