Lambretta Li 125 Special

Lambretta Li 125 Special

Specs Mentioned:

Make/ Model – Lambretta Li 125 Special – 1966

Engine – Single-cylinder engine,2-stroke

Power – 7.10 hp(5.2 kw) at 5550 rpm

Top speed – 80.5 km/h(50.0 mph)


The motorcycle Lambretta li 125 special of 1966 was manufactured by the company Lambretta and corresponds to the series of Lambretta li 125 special that includes motorcycle models of different displacements.

This bike enters into the category of scooter and was made from 1963 to 1969 by Italian manufacturer innocenti based in Milan.

The 125cc version was introduced in October 1965 and was a more highly tuned version than the 150. Fitted with a 20mm carburettor, with again changes in barrel and piston similar to the 150, and also an increase in compression ratio, saw the 125 give a power output of 7.12bhp and a top speed of around 50 mph. Where the 125 version rated better then its 150cc brother was in acceleration due to low gear ratios used on this model. This gearbox went on and found its way into the later sportier GP 125 and GP200 models. Despite its sporty looks, very few were imported into the UK at the time, as the UK markets desire was in larger capacity machines, however in recent years large numbers have come over from Italy with dealers or private individuals realizing the benefits of this machine. By the time production stopped in October 1966, a very respectable 29,841 125’s had been produced.